Great Fourth Place for Tim at World Masters

28 October 2016

A spirited final sprint on the homestraight failed to land Tim Shiels a medal at the World Masters Athletics Championships in Perth, Western Australia.

Running in the M40 800m, Shiels finished fourth in two minutes and two seconds and just an agonising 11/100ths of a second outside the medals.

Tim Shiels after his heat in Perth.

The Omagh pastor had qualified comfortably for the 12-man final finishing third in his heat on Tuesday.  That made him the third fastest qualifier.

He was caught on the inside at the bell in the final and got himself boxed on the backstraight for the final time.

“I was tactically poor, got boxed in and my sprint didn’t kick in until it was too late,” said Tim afterwards.  “I just wasn’t sharp enough on the day. All the components are there, I just need to put them together.”

Tim’s Final On Youtube

WMA M40 800m

1 Chevaux, Christophe M41 France 2:00.45
2 Howard, Gary M42 Australia 2:01.40
3 Crowley, Nathan M43 Australia 2:01.89
4 Shiels, Timothy M41 Ireland 2:02.00
5 Khyr, Bronislav M41 Czech Republic 2:02.13
6 Rhodes, Jason M44 United State 2:03.05
7 De Marni, Nicola M43 Italy 2:04.61
8 Little, Aaron M40 Australia 2:04.80
9 McLennan, Campbell M44 Australia 2:05.70
10 Brecher, Jay M42 Canada 2:07.10
11 Wells, Bill M42 Canada 2:08.56
12 Pattileamonia, Edwin M40 Indonesia 2:09.80