23 December 2017

DTC milers are smilers..L-R: Ben Mellon, Conor McIlveen, Lara Smailes, Tim Shiels and Tom McLaughlin.

It was a busman’s holiday for Derry Track Club athletes at the GOAL Mile in St. Columb’s Park.  Despite enjoying a deserved rest after a hard year, they turned out in their numbers to raise funds for the third world charity Click here for GOAL website.

Fastest on the day were Michael Kerr and Elaine Connor.

Carmen Runner Michael Kerr made the journey down from Carrickmore, Co. Tyrone to spin around the park for the fastest road time.

The fastest track time went to another Tyrone-based athlete Tim Shiels with the Faster Pastor showing a clean pair of heels to the opposition.

Elaine Connor was the fastest woman but the seemingly tireless Lara Smailes impressed with several high energy efforts both on the road and the track.

Paralympic star Conor McIlveen was the busiest man of the day and must have run most, if not all, of the five heats.  The Big Dawg never really could decide whether the clockwise or anti-clockwise route was the faster.

Finally, discretion being the greater part of valour, he withdrew to the coffee shop to ponder the matter further (and lick his wounds!)

Ben Mellon and Tom McLaughlin also put in a solid shift for the good cause that helps improve living conditions for thousands in the third world.

Lee Casey also made a guest appearance to churn out an impressive loop of the park.  The well-known local GP is organising a second GOAL MILE from  Sainsbury’s on Boxing Day (12:00 midday).

The Derry Track Club squad relax after the GOAL MILE.

“They also serve who only stand and wait” and never more true as Cathal McLaughlin, David Mellon, Robert Bigger and Mal McCausland gave up their time to record and cajole in equal measure. 



Gideon Kipsang’s family have benefitted from the generosity of DTC members this year.

Derry Track Club is organising a GOAL MILE at Foyle Arena in Derry-Londonderry’s Waterside for the first time on December 23.

The plan is to hold a timed mile on an internal loop of St. Columb’s Park every 30 minutes starting at 10:30am and concluding with a seventh and final mile at 1:30pm.

Everyone who takes part will get a special certificate showing their time – there is nothing to stop anyone making it a training session and doing more than one mile.  Loads of spot prizes.

There is no entry fee – just contribute what you want.  All contributions go 100% to the GOAL charity.  Click here for GOAL Website.

Somewhere in the world last year, one person was driven from their home every three seconds.

“Every day in GOAL, our staff work with families who have been left with no option but to flee their homes because of violence or hunger.

What was long considered a slowly-building crisis, a rapid escalation in numbers over the past five years has now brought on a displacement catastrophe.

A staggering 66 million people are now part of this global issue.

Somewhere in the world last year, one person was driven from their home every three seconds.

In the past 12 months, the problem has worsened again. And that is simply unacceptable.

GOAL is focusing on this theme of ‘Home’ as part of our 2017 Christmas Campaign.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to discover some of the people, and the stories, behind those who have been forced from their home.

You can also donate to our Christmas Campaign by clicking on the button below,” GOAL Charity website.


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