17 September 2017

Gideon takes in some of Belfast’s murals.

Gideon Kipsang and Catriona Jennings both scored comfortable victories in yesterday’s 5th Deep RiverRock Belfast Marathon held in perfect running conditions.  A record field of 3500 entered the event causing slight congestion problems at the start on Ormeau Embankment.

That did not deter home favourite Stephen Scullion from making a flying start.  The former North Belfast Harrier, now Clonliffe Harrier, soon broke up the field with only Kenyan Gideon Kipsang for company as the leaders returned past Ormeau Park after three and a half miles.

Sixty metres behind the leading pair, another Kenyan and 2016 winner Freddy Sittuk appeared to have decided that discretion was the greater part of valour in settling for third spot. Some distance behind the local posse headed by John Black, Pierce McCullagh and Kyle Doherty fought for top ten places.

Letterkenny’s marathon Olympian Catriona Jennings already had a massive lead in the women’s race with provincial Masters’ cross country champion Amy Bulman in second enjoying an equally decisive advantage over Sarah-Jane Guiney in the bronze spot.

Little was changed in the men’s race at the seven mile mark except Kipsang (34:43) had now eked out a 20 seconds lead over Scullion with Sittuk a further minute back in third and Black still working hard in fourth.

Although Jennings was still out in front in the women’s race, it was all change behind her with Bulman pulling out after complaining of not feeling well. Meanwhile Judith Lonnen and Ciara Toner were making visible improvement further down the field as Guiney started to slip back.

As an expectant crowd awaited the arrival of the winner back in Ormeau Park, it was wheelchair athlete Jim Corbett who was first to appear with a Kipsang hot on his heels. The Derry Track Club runner broke the tape in 64:38, that was 14 seconds outside his own race record set two years earlier when it took a photo to split himself and compatriot Dan Tanui.

“We went through 10K in 30minutes and I went away after that,” said Kipsang. “I was looking at my watch after that to make sure I didn’t go too fast. It’s a great course and a great race.”

Scullion occupied the runner-up spot in 66:12 ahead of Sittuk (70:06) who returns to Kenya today but will come back to Ireland for next month’s Dublin City Marathon. Northern Ireland champion at the distance John Black (71:52) took fourth ahead of Kyle Doherty (72:02) with Pierce McCullagh (73:25) completing the top half dozen.

Catriona Jennings had an untroubled passage back to the park to win the women’s race in a new course record of 75:38. Judith Lonnen showed extensive reserves of energy to come through to snatch second in 83:25, ahead of Ciara Toner (83:33) with the brave Sarah-Jane Guiney (84:11) deserving better than fourth.

“It was comfortable all the way,” said Dublin-based Jennings. “There was no pressure at any time which is why I’m surprised to have run so fast.”

15 September 2017

Memorial 5K – Gransha

The small contingent of DTC athletes made their presence felt at the well organised Memorial 5K.  The club’s professional Gideon Kipsang scored a comfortable victory in 15:33.  Lisa McLaughlin had an excellent result to finish second female overall while Sean McIntyre was top Junior man.  Ben Mellon also showed good form in another improving performance.


12 September 2017

Derry Track Club’s inaugural Bobby Farren Memorial 5K was an outstanding hit with everyone who took part.  Over 160 signed up for the fast, flat course around Eglinton village in rural County Derry.  The weather gods smiled on the event with  a light drizzle  taking the place of the hurricane forecast by the meteorologists.

DTC’s professional Gideon Kipsang made a winning debut in the green and black vest in an impressive 15:20 while Springwell’s Ciara Toner was the leading lady on show clocking a smart 18:15.

DTC would like to thank all club members and others who helped out on the night including Maureen and Alice McLaughlin who were in charge of the catering.

Bobby Farren Memorial 5k – Eglinton
Tuesday, 15th September 2017
Place Name Club Category Gun Time Ave Pace
1 Gideon Kipsang Derry Track Club MO 14:51.00 2:58/K
2 Marty Cox MO 15:20.81 3:04/K
3 Kevin O’Boyle n/A MO 16:31.23 3:18/K
4 James Walton MO 16:51.71 3:22/K
5 Jason Scott Springwell MO 17:03.26 3:25/K
6 Conor Devitt Foyle Valley MO 17:18.36 3:28/K
7 Stephen Fillis Springwell MO 17:24.65 3:29/K
8 Bernard Brady Unattached M50 17:25.92 3:29/K
9 Michael Kerr Carmen Runners M40 17:30.13 3:30/K
10 Kieran Carlin Finn VALLEY M40 17:30.69 3:30/K
11 Marty Ross Bolt M40 17:53.29 3:35/K
12 Seamus Bonner M40 17:55.11 3:35/K
13 Mark Houston B2R MO 17:57.70 3:35/K
14 Colm Mulligan Acorns M40 18:11.38 3:38/K
15 Ciara Toner Springwell F35 18:14.59 3:39/K
16 Daniel Devenney City of Derry Spartans MJ 18:25.12 3:41/K
17 Aaron Craig Springwell MJ 18:26.85 3:41/K
18 Paula Worthington Ballymena Runners F35 18:30.79 3:42/K
19 James Beady n/A M40 18:35.11 3:43/K
20 David Shiels MO 18:39.30 3:44/K
21 Philip Donaghy City of Derry Spartans M45 18:45.38 3:45/K
22 Glenda Whiteside Springwell F35 19:01.84 3:48/K
23 Joseph Mc Carthy City of Derry Spartans MO 19:02.24 3:48/K
24 Gavin McLaughlin Eglinton Road Runners M40 19:04.50 3:49/K
25 Gary McFadden Foyle Valley M40 19:09.19 3:50/K
26 Pat Hegarty Finn VALLEY M55 19:17.89 3:51/K
27 Rian Norrby BOH MJ 19:21.40 3:52/K
28 Gavin Boyce Finn VALLEY M45 19:22.70 3:52/K
29 Bobby Farren M45 19:23.58 3:53/K
30 Patrick McGinley MO 19:25.48 3:53/K
31 David Jackson n/A M45 19:28.90 3:54/K
32 Seamus Hampson Foyle Valley MO 19:32.37 3:54/K
33  McCrossan Foyle Valley FJ 19:34.57 3:55/K
34 Darren Walsy n/A MO 19:46.21 3:57/K
35 Darren Madden Springwell M40 19:51.03 3:58/K
36 Kay Byrne Finn VALLEY F50 19:51.63 3:58/K
37 Niall Hassan Acorns MO 19:51.73 3:58/K
38 Gary Moore MO 19:54.50 3:59/K
39 Declan McGuinness n/A MO 19:54.97 3:59/K
40 Geraldine Quigley Ballymena Runners F40 20:01.67 4:00/K
41 Will Colvin MO 20:03.39 4:01/K
42 Kevin Doherty Eglinton Road Runners M45 20:09.78 4:02/K
43 Ian Galbraith n/A M45 20:10.06 4:02/K
44 Lisa Mc Laughlin Derry Track Club F35 20:23.82 4:05/K
45 Gregory O Brien Springwell M45 20:34.25 4:07/K
46 Stephen Thompson Eglinton Road Runners MO 20:35.97 4:07/K
47 Martin Smith MO 20:37.00 4:07/K
48 William Irvine n/A M50 20:46.16 4:09/K
49 Rhonda Brady Unattached F45 20:46.85 4:09/K
50 Tony Grant Foyle Valley M60 20:57.32 4:11/K
51 Verona Campbell Foyle Valley F50 20:57.52 4:11/K
52 Dawn Houston Eglinton Road Runners F35 20:59.20 4:12/K
53 Michael J Farren n/A M50 21:03.58 4:13/K
54 Billy Orr Foyle Valley MO 21:05.61 4:13/K
55 Benny Barber Foyle Valley M55 21:07.89 4:13/K
56 Peter Jack Springwell M55 21:18.26 4:16/K
57 Shelagh Murray City of Derry Spartans F45 21:19.99 4:16/K
58 Catriona Gillen Carmen Runners FO 21:38.76 4:20/K
59 Chris Davies MO 21:46.32 4:21/K
60 Alwyn Hunt MO 21:47.05 4:21/K
61 Conor Delap Letterkenny ac MO 21:49.96 4:22/K
62 David McCool MO 21:55.40 4:23/K
63 Sean McIntyre n/A M45 21:58.28 4:24/K
64 Jayne Proctor Eglinton Road Runners F40 22:03.95 4:25/K
65 Brian McLaughlin Foyle Valley M45 22:08.97 4:26/K
66 Jody Mulhern n/A MO 22:15.42 4:27/K
67 Owen Anderson Springwell M45 22:17.16 4:27/K
68 Pauline Mullan Eglinton Road Runners F40 22:21.66 4:28/K
69 John Feeney Triangle tri club MO 22:27.70 4:29/K
70 Nick Wilson Eglinton Road Runners MO 22:36.39 4:31/K
71 Paul Doherty MO 22:58.82 4:36/K
72 Catherine Farren FO 23:04.87 4:37/K
73 Scott Holmes Elmnt Fitness MO 23:06.05 4:37/K
74 Damian Oneill Eglinton Road Runners M50 23:07.14 4:37/K
75 Cheryl McConomy Eglinton Road Runners F35 23:14.99 4:39/K
76 Joanne Brolly Eglinton Road Runners F40 23:29.13 4:42/K
77 Gerry Ward n/A M55 23:42.43 4:44/K
78 Ben Kelly MO 23:43.27 4:45/K
79 Karl Diamond Bellaghy M40 23:45.55 4:45/K
80 Michael Duffy Elmnt Fitness MO 23:49.86 4:46/K
81 Jordan Duffy Elmnt Fitness MO 23:50.12 4:46/K
82 Sarah Farren FO 23:50.40 4:46/K
83 Jarlath Parlour Foyle Valley M55 23:55.59 4:47/K
84 Janeen Leese Foyle Valley FO 23:55.79 4:47/K
85 Gerard Harkin MO 24:02.77 4:48/K
86 Tony Gray n/A M40 24:15.60 4:51/K
87 Corin Gray n/A MJ 24:15.95 4:51/K
88 Derek Powell n/A M50 24:24.77 4:53/K
89 Daniel Kelly n/A MO 24:31.42 4:54/K
90 Jennifer McNeill n/A FO 24:31.57 4:54/K
91 Paul Bradley MO 24:32.51 4:54/K
92 Karl Murphy MO 24:32.63 4:54/K
93 Deigh Reid Eglinton Road Runners F45 24:57.32 4:59/K
94 Francis McAULEY n/A M40 25:08.17 5:02/K
95 Tony Okane n/A M45 25:15.18 5:03/K
96 Jason McKnight MO 25:23.86 5:05/K
97 Lisa Taylor n/A F35 25:32.86 5:06/K
98 Doreen Lairy b-READY running club F45 25:48.30 5:10/K
99 Ingrid Hamilton Springwell F50 25:52.81 5:10/K
100 Linda Parke City of Derry Spartans F50 26:01.12 5:12/K
101 Stephen Mccafferty Foyle Valley M50 26:27.13 5:17/K
102 Carmel Stewart Carmen Runners F35 26:34.69 5:19/K
103 Julie -Anne Rafferty n/A F35 26:35.58 5:19/K
104 Marie Kelly FO 26:36.96 5:19/K
105 Ciara Mcnicholl n/A FO 26:45.03 5:21/K
106 Sonia Jackson n/A FO 27:01.23 5:24/K
107 Lisa McIntyre n/A F45 27:05.52 5:25/K
108 Grainne Clendenning FO 27:12.55 5:26/K
109 Patsy McCLOSKEY n/A F40 27:19.49 5:28/K
110 tHOMAS McCLOSKEY n/A M45 27:19.60 5:28/K
111 Erin Doherty n/A FO 27:26.14 5:29/K
112 Teresa Mulligan Tafelta AC F55 27:30.89 5:30/K
113 Wilma Doherty n/A F40 27:38.72 5:32/K
114 Donna Doherty FO 27:38.89 5:32/K
115 Rory Porteous n/A MO 27:47.39 5:33/K
116 Zelda Brolly Elmnt Fitness FO 27:53.19 5:35/K
117 Tracy McKeever Elmnt Fitness F45 27:53.24 5:35/K
118 Gwen Smyth n/A F50 27:58.12 5:36/K
119 Anna Slevin Err FJ 27:58.46 5:36/K
120 Janice Mc Candless Eglinton Road Runners F40 28:16.34 5:39/K
121 Valerie Spencer Eglinton Road Runners F45 28:21.01 5:40/K
122 Madonna McGinley Eglinton Road Runners F45 28:31.60 5:42/K
123 Mary O’Kane Eglinton Road Runners F40 28:53.73 5:47/K
124 Jim Reid TTC M60 30:00.50 6:00/K
125 Allister Parke n/A M50 30:03.08 6:01/K
126 Nicola McBride F40 30:26.89 6:05/K
127 Shauna Canning Glack FJ 30:28.84 6:06/K
128 Bernie Carey M65+ 30:39.75 6:08/K
129 Emma Peoples n/A FO 30:49.55 6:10/K
130 Anne Hutton Bolt F60 30:51.91 6:10/K
131 Alan McBride n/A MO 30:53.24 6:11/K
132 Lynn Graham Springwell F45 31:20.52 6:16/K
133 Michael Farren M45 31:22.31 6:16/K
134 Avril Dickson n/A F45 31:22.51 6:16/K
135 Julie Bellwood Benone F40 31:29.52 6:18/K
136 Lorraine Sherrard Benone F45 31:30.44 6:18/K
137 Mary Slevin Err F40 32:00.39 6:24/K
138 Abigail Finlay FO 32:03.06 6:25/K
139 Louise Finlay FO 32:03.26 6:25/K
140 Eva Haire Err FJ 32:14.97 6:27/K
141 Jessica McGuinness Elmnt Fitness FO 32:16.38 6:27/K
142 Michelle Haire Err F40 32:21.05 6:28/K
143 Catherine McGowan Springwell F50 32:41.30 6:32/K
144 Sharon Colhoun Glack F45 33:57.37 6:47/K
145 Sharon Canning Glack F45 33:57.37 6:47/K
146 Wendy Alexander FO 35:02.54 7:00/K
147 Eileen Shinnigan Tifelta F55 35:18.97 7:04/K


Marina Belle of the Ball at Diva Run

9 September 2017

Marina Murphy edged gently back into competition with an impressive win at the Diva Dash 4 Miles in Carrickmore, Co. Tyrone with 24:24 clocking.

Marina rolls away from the opposition in Diva Dash.

Marina had warmed up with a third place (18:59) finish in the Derry City parkrun the previous week and was to the fore from the gun.  She moved further away as the race progressed.

At the line she  over a minute to spare over Sperrin Harrier Angela O’Neill (25:40) with Lagan Valley’s  Suzanne Higgins completing the top three in 25:58.  Derry Track Club duo Enya Haigney (26:12) and Elaine Connor (26:51) filled positions fourth and fifth respectively.

Diva Dash 2017
1. Marina Murphy  35-44 Derry Track Club 24:24
2. Angela O’Neill  35-44 25:40
3. Suzanne Higgins 35-44 Lagan Valley AC 25:58
4. Enya Haigney -24 Derry Track Club 26:12
5. Elaine Connor 35-44 Derry City Track Club 26:51
6. Cassie Lagan  -24 Omagh Harriers 26:58
7. Morgan Owens -24 Carmen Runners 27:11
8. Olivia Mullin  35-44 Greencastle AC 27:12
9. Sara Broderick -24 Carmen Runners 27:15
10. Leanne Sands  25-34 Acorns AC 27:17